Whether you're a landowner managing forested acreage, an independent sawyer, or a hobbyist woodworker looking to make each project even more personal, there are many fantastic reasons to mill your own lumber using one of the industry's best-valued sawmill bandsaw models.

But it's not as simple as just loading up logs and starting your saw. After all, you want your milling to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. That means ensuring quality cuts as well as avoiding damage to your logs or sawmill.

With this in mind, a little prep work can go a long way. Use these four tips to prepare logs before loading them up onto your portable sawmill bandsaw.

Cut Your Logs to Length

Ideally, you aren't just milling for the sake of it—you're milling with a purpose. Understanding your purpose will help you decide what length your boards should be, and this vital detail will inform how you set up your sawmill, including whether or not you add track extensions.

You'll want to know how long your boards need to be before you source your timber. That way, you can fell trees and cut the logs to length before loading them into your ATV log trailer for transport to the bandsaw mill.

Be sure to cut the logs one foot longer than you'll need your boards to be. This is to allow a bit of wastage in case of checking or other issues with the logs.

Carefully Remove Branch Butts

Once you've cut your logs to the appropriate length, you'll want to remove the branch butts before loading them into your offroad ATV trailer.

Sure, you already removed the branches, but if you don't remove the butts, you'll find it difficult to manipulate the logs once you have them on your mill.

The butts will make for a process that's more time-consuming and physically demanding, so use your chainsaw to remove them before you take your logs to your bandsaw mill.

Clean and Pile Logs for Milling

Once they're cut, you'll need to decide where you want to store your logs for milling. This should be as close to your mill as possible, in a location that allows for easy access with a skid steer, tractor, or whatever equipment you plan to use to move your logs onto the mill.

Whether you're using one of the durable, convertible off road utility trailers preferred by sawyers and landowners alike, or a high-quality log arch to move your logs, odds are they'll acquire some dirt and debris by the time you get them to your mill site.

So, as you pile them—ideally, off the ground on parallel, treated 4x4 posts—clean your logs to remove any sand, mud, or other debris. Whether you use a broom, hose, or other means, be as thorough as possible to prevent damage to your bandsaw mill.

Consider Painting the Ends of Your Logs

Cut logs will dry over time, with moisture more rapidly leaving through the exposed ends than through the bark. This can lead to unnecessary checking and can cause unnecessary waste.

Painting the ends of your logs with latex paint, or a product designed specifically for this purpose, will preserve moisture and reduce or prevent log damage as your logs sit.

If you're stacking multiple species, or allocating a particular number of logs for each project, using a different color or paint will help you tell the difference without having to look too hard.

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