For some of us, living on forested acreage in a rural area is the ideal lifestyle, especially when it provides an opportunity to build our own home and manage the land as we see fit. A new, unimproved lot is like a blank canvas, ideal for bringing our dreams to life.

Whether you need storage space for your powersports toys or a shop to work on your hobbies, adding a garage to your property is an excellent way to improve your land's utility and value. But before you hook up your favorite ATV log trailer and start building, there are a few things you should take time to consider.

With a solid plan in place, you can build your new garage efficiently while avoiding unnecessary rework. Use these three tips to get started building a garage on your forested acreage.

Choose a Strategic Location (clearing space, moving dirt, etc)

The first thing to decide is where exactly you'd like to put your new garage. The location of your garage is about far more than immediate utility and convenience. This is a choice that will impact how you use your property in the long run, so it's not something to be taken lightly.

Ideally, your garage should be part of a long-term plan for the development of your lot. You don't want it to prevent you from appropriately placing subsequent structures.

Design with the Future in Mind

Choosing the best location for your garage requires you to think long-term, and that same mindset can prove beneficial when it comes to designing your garage. After all, when it comes to building structures by hand, the last thing you want to do is find that you've outgrown them after only a few years.

Your garage should have plenty of usable space. When you think your design includes just enough, add a bit more. That way, if you decide to purchase a new snowmobile, UTV dump trailer for land management work, or take up a new hobby, you'll have plenty of room for it.

Use High-Quality Lumber

Whether it's a garage, cabin, or storefront, a building is only as sturdy as the materials used in its construction. When it comes to building a garage on your forested acreage, you don't want to roll the dice on quality, and you don't want to pay lumber yard prices, either.

Many landowners find that a portable bandsaw mill is among the best investments they could make. Why? Because this type of sawmill allows you to harvest the timber on your lot and transform it into superb lumber that's perfect for improving your property.

From adding new buildings to putting up fences, constructing garden boxes, and helping out your neighbors, a portable sawmill bandsaw is extremely valuable.

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