Many of us, regardless of lifestyle or profession, use tools and machinery to do more than we'd be able to accomplish on our own. But there's no piece of equipment quite like a bandsaw sawmill.

Bandsaw mills aren't just the ideal way to make the most of your forested acreage. Using this type of sawmill to mill your own lumber for woodworking or property improvement projects is also a superb means of putting more of yourself into each final product.

But did you know that, no matter how capable or durable your bandsaw mill may be, there are ways you can take it to the next level? Let's have a look at five smart upgrades you can make to your bandsaw mill.

Portable Trailer

No, this may not apply to all of us, but it's worth mentioning first on this list because it's the single most impactful upgrade you can make to your portable bandsaw mill.

The best-valued bandsaw mills on the market can be upgraded with a trailer made specifically to suit your particular bandsaw model. Making your mill portable is ideal for those who want to mill lumber at the source, which will allow you to make fewer trips and save considerable time.

Sawmill Power Head

Cranking your sawmill head up and down, year in and year out, can cause fatigue and even pain. Wouldn't it be better if you could raise and lower the sawmill head with the push of a button?

That's why a sawmill power head is a fantastic upgrade for your mill. The benefits of a power head are similar to those of the leading off road utility trailers: Not only does it take the strain out of operating your mill, but it also speeds up the milling process to help you get more done.

Easy-to-Adjust Log Supports 

Speaking of easier milling, sawyers love log supports that allow you to make height adjustments single-handedly. Not all manufacturers offer these, but when you get one of the industry's best-valued portable bandsaw mills, you'll have the option to add this time-saving upgrade.

Ideally, your log support tube will have precise indexing holes that use an angled locking pin for a secure fit. It's even better if the support makes long turning easier by virtue of a top-mounted roller.

Track Extensions

For milling longer logs, a track extension will increase your capacity. Track extensions for the industry's best-valued mills simply bolt on, and their heavy-duty cross supports provide a large bearing surface for weight dispersion while also providing additional rigidity.

If you find yourself milling longer logs, you'll need a capable, durable UTV dump trailer with a removable tailgate that allows you to load and balance longer items. It's even better if this trailer features a three-mode design that enables you to load large logs from the side.

About Woodland Mills

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