Keeping your property in prime condition takes not just a lot of work, but a lot of different types of work. On any given day, your to-do list could have you crisscrossing your acreage and using a wide variety of tools to accomplish all your tasks.

One thing landowners spend considerable time doing is hauling. Firewood, feed, gravel, you name it. But with a capable ATV or UTV and the right UTV dump trailer, you can tackle any job, from milling your own lumber to making trips back and forth between your hunting camp and cabin.

Are you a new landowner looking to invest in a quality off road ATV trailer? In order to decide which trailer is right for you, you should have an idea of what sort of things you can expect to haul.

Here's a look at four materials landowners often haul in their UTV dump trailers.

Logs, Logs, and More Logs

We already mentioned firewood, but that's certainly not the only reason you'll use your off road ATV trailer to haul logs from one end of your property to the other.

In fact, many landowners discover that making the most of their forested acreage means milling their own lumber using a capable, durable bandsaw sawmill. To do that, of course, you'll need to head out in your ATV to harvest timber and haul the logs back to your mill using your ATV trailer.

Brush and Branches

In all likelihood, you'll find yourself with an urge to keep your property looking its best, which means you'll take a proactive approach to clearing any debris. This, of course, includes dead brush and branches.

There are multiple ways to deal with this sort of cleanup. Depending on the size of your property, a PTO wood chipper could be the ideal investment. Or, you could use one of the leading off road utility trailers to collect organic debris and burn it.

Landscaping Materials

Most landowners have one thing in common: We're constantly finding ways to improve our property. Often, that involves some form of landscaping work, so you'll spend plenty of time hauling landscaping materials like topsoil, gravel, and wood chips across your property.

It should be clear to you by now that with such a wide variety of things to haul, you need an ATV trailer that's durable, versatile, and capable of tackling tough terrain. As you shop, look for a trailer that easily converts between side loading, rear loading, and dumping modes.

Big Game

For many landowners, living off the land means making the most of the natural resources at their disposal, which includes big game. There are many reasons to fill your freezer by hunting instead of shopping at the grocery store, but regardless of your motivation, you'll need a reliable way to take your harvested game home.

That's why it's vital that you choose an ATV trailer that's not only capable of handling such loads but also built to follow your ATV off road in tough conditions. Look for features like a full box underframe, tandem walking beam suspension, pivoting hitch, and multi-ply tire assembly.

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