Whether you're a landowner or an independent sawyer, you know how important it is to make the most of the natural resources at your disposal. You likely operate toward this goal in your work each day, but have you considered how you might take your efforts even further?

For example, milling your own lumber is an excellent start. It's how landowners can make the most out of the timber on their forested acreage and minimize or eliminate waste. But with a portable milling setup, you can mill your own lumber virtually anywhere.

In practice, portable milling isn't particularly complex. The only real difference lies in transporting your forestry equipment from site to site. With a few simple steps, you can enjoy the many benefits of portable milling.

What makes portable milling so attractive to landowners and sawyers alike? Here's an overview of three reasons you should get started with portable milling.

There's Nothing Like the Satisfaction of Milling Your Own Lumber

If you aren't already milling your own lumber, you may not have a firsthand understanding of just how satisfying this process can be. Once you have the fundamentals down, milling your own lumber is a fantastic way to put a more personal touch on every project.

From woodworking to property improvement, milling your own lumber lets you put more of yourself into each final product. It's also a valued sustainable forestry practice that helps ensure efficient use of natural resources and lets you reduce organic waste, just like using a wood chipper PTO to handle branches and brush on your acreage.

Milling at the Source Gives You Total Control

With a durable, capable portable sawmill, you can head out into the woods and turn choice timber into fencing boards, gorgeous live-edge slabs, and more. It's a unique process that puts you in total control of every product from start to finish.

When you mill at the source, you can evaluate each tree and log. This can be especially valuable if you're looking to produce lumber for an upcoming woodworking project where only the choicest cuts will suffice.

The Right Forestry Products Make Portable Milling More Practical Than Ever

Of course, a portable sawmill isn't the only thing you need for portable milling. You'll also need a corresponding sawmill trailer so you can use your ATV to tow your mill to the site. An ATV log trailer is also a valuable asset that will make it easy to take your lumber back to the shop.

Another thing every portable milling rig should include is a battery-powered blade sharpener suitable for use in remote locations. It's even better if your blade sharpener features an impressive cycle time of under seven minutes, as well as a two-speed that gives you precise control during blade setup.

As you can see, portable milling isn't only worthwhile, it's also more accessible than ever thanks to innovative, durable forestry products that are available at justifiable price points.

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