Winter is one of the best times of year to clean up your woodlands and get some good use of your 3 point wood chipper. While you’ll probably set aside all the salvageable logs for lumber, what can you do with all the wood chips leftover from clearing the brush and dead branches? There is plenty you can do with the wood chips around your property. Here are some of the best and simplest ways to repurpose your wood chips.

Use It as Mulch in Your Garden

This is probably the most widespread and common use of wood chips that can benefit your space to no end. Feel free to use your wood chips around your fruit trees and mature shrubs, around mature, woody perennials, or in wild woodland areas around ornamental trees. You can even compost your wood chips to use in your vegetable gardens later in the year. If you plan on using wood chips as compost, pay attention to the species of trees you are using to ensure they give your garden soil the nutrients you need for a bountiful harvest.

Use Your Wood Chips in Your Riding Trails

Do you have horses on your property and ride them on a regular basis? You need riding trails. Use your wood chips as part of your riding trail foundation throughout your ranch or farm. They can form a nice, comfortable base for your horses to tread on as you take a leisurely ride or use that time to check on other livestock like sheep or cattle.

Keep Your Wood Chips as a Fire Starter and Fuel

While you'll have to compress your wood chips into wood briquettes to use them efficiently in your full-size wood stove, your mini camping stove just found a new best friend. Dry out those wood chips and keep some in your camping gear for quick and easy fire starters when you use your mini wood stove.

Create a Path Through Your Garden

Creating a manicured garden space doesn't have to be hard. Use your PTO chipper to develop nice, finely shredded wood chips with which you can create an informal garden path. It can help keep your pathways organized and avoid a muddy mess when it rains. When the wood path starts to degrade over time, you can scatter the old chips into your garden beds or let them biodegrade into the path and place more chips over the old ones.

Use Your Wood Chips as Livestock Bedding

Whether it's chicks, calves, or other young animals, your wood chips are a cost-effective and cozy manger for your livestock. You won't have to worry about much dust, and it allows the livestock to stay clean and comfortable. With all these repurposing options, you can always look forward to cleaning up your treeline.

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