There’s a lot that goes into acreage management. There are all kinds of tools and equipment that are essential for working on your property, but have you thought about adding a portable bandsaw mill? Many people like you sure have, and virtually all of them are glad they made the investment.

You can get a lot done with a chainsaw, but a portable sawmill bandsaw takes your capability to an entirely new level. If you’ve never considered milling the lumber that comes from your property, you could be leaving a lot on the table.

Whether you’re a new acreage owner or an experienced sawyer, there are plenty of advantages to owning a portable bandsaw mill. Check out these three reasons why people just like you decide to upgrade to a durable, capable sawmill bandsaw.

Mill at the Source

If you’re looking for large-diameter logs so you can mill live-edge slabs, it’s frustrating when you come across the perfect tree but realize you can’t get to it. A portable sawmill bandsaw solves that problem, especially when you enhance your mobility with a trailer.

You could pack up your portable mill and head out to a friend’s property for the weekend if they have the type of timber you’re looking for. If you have a trailer for your bandsaw sawmill, you can hook it up to your ATV and head into your back 40, then mill boards right where your ideal timber is located.

Get the Most Out of Your Acreage

Many people think “living off the land” simply means growing your own food, but the concept goes far beyond farming. Since the beginning of humanity, the land's bounty has also included shelter and clothing. Many new owners of portable bandsaw sawmills enjoy the pride that comes with getting more out of their land.

Whether you’re milling boards for a new fence, producing stunning live-edge slabs for furniture, or achieving the cuts you need for your next woodworking project, your new portable mill will certainly save you the money and time you’d be spending otherwise on trips to the lumber yard.

Your Mill Can Pay for Itself

If you’re new to milling, you might be surprised at the price you can get for your boards. Some of the best sawmills help you maximize board production by giving you the ability to cut within 1” of the deck so that you can get the most out of each log. Find that functionality in a durable, built-to-last bandsaw sawmill available at an affordable price point, and you’ve hit the acreage management jackpot.

To minimize waste and optimize efficiency, select a portable bandsaw mill that uses an ultra-thin blade kerf. Some portable sawmills also allow you to skim veneers as thin as 1/16”. This kind of versatility is key to producing a variety of cuts that you can sell to recoup the cost of your mill over time. How quickly you manage to do this will, of course, depend on your volume. But if you choose your sawmill because it combines the features you need at a reasonable price point, you’ll be able to see the return on your investment even faster.

About Woodland Mills

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